The Truth About Proprietary Blends in Nutrition Supplements

Supplement companies typically hide behind proprietary blends for one of two reasons:

  1. To prevent their competitors from learning the precise amounts and ratios of each ingredient so they can’t be copied

  2. To fool consumers, i.e. hide the fact that their product contains very little of the active ingredients and are instead composed mostly of fillers and additives

At Juggernaut Nutrition, you can always count on us for transparency – and quality. We offer you scientifically formulated, non-proprietary blends that you can trust. Our results and reputation speak for themselves: we have Top Record Holding Athletes repping our products even as bottles fly off store shelves.  


“We created In Rage because we were tired of the supplement industry falsifying products to the consumer. We wanted to give people a True Product: True Value, True Results.” – Brock, Founder of Juggernaut Nutrition


Juggernaut Nutrition Presents: In-Rage Pre-Workout

  • Freakishly Formulated by Scientist-Athletes

  • Ratified by Elite Lifters

  • The World’s Strongest Pre-Workout

A Scientifically Formulated, Non-Proprietary Blend: No Crap, No Additives, No Fillers

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