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Brock was a professional athlete in the NFL, also competed in powerlifter, where one of his best lifts was a 565lb bench press. Trained by some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world, Brock played football for the Tennessee Titans and the Minnesota Vikings before focusing his gifts and passion on the world of Sports Nutrition. One of his mentors was a scientist on the AdvoCare panel; another was a master nutritionist whose doctoral studies laid the groundwork for Brock’s creation of Juggernaut Nutrition. 

I created JUGGERNAUT NUTRITION because I was tired of the boring cookie cutter supplement companies. I’m a “outside of the box” thinker with a passion for sports supplements.
I wanted to give people something to be excited about in the supplement industry... The first thing I did that grabbed peoples attention was the flavor profiles, my creations ranged from, Sour Pals, Dweebz, Rainbow Drop and Blue Raspberry Slushy to name a few.